Palabras del pasado.

Hace un par de días estuve revisando viejas fotos y encontré paginas y páginas de escritos de mi adolescencia. Fue bastante difícil ver como pude escribir sobre mis sentimientos de forma tan abstracta que dejaron de parecer pensamientos personales.  Escondí mis emociones detrás de metáforas y símiles.  Creo que el ejercicio fue útil, me permitió … More Palabras del pasado.


Today I started my first blog and I don’t know where I am going with it. For the past two weeks I have been ill with bronchitis, nothing serious, but the sick leave has given me too much time to think. I started reading about emotional causes of illnesses and I found that many believe … More Purpose.

Change is possible. First confession edited.

First confessions in a nutshell – Acknowledge that ‘the other’ exists and has significant emotions and complex problems. Recognise how interactions with ‘the other’ can bring about solutions and changes that could not exist without collaboration. Be there for someone, truly be there. Acknowledge what causes you pain and believe that you can change … More Change is possible. First confession edited.